Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm tired of the system

I'm so sick of the way things currently work. Our entire political system is full of idiots and blundering retardation. Our government is corrupt and only act in self interest. And we allow them too. We cannot allow this to continue. It will be the death of us all. So I beg of everyone, In the upcoming election, do not listen to those who are already in office. Lets get new blood into the system. For America.


  1. Obama was a big let down, I'm going to vote for Ron Paul this around. Wouldn't be surprised if he didn't live up to his promises of change either though.

  2. Not to mention SOPA and the NDAA bills bein passed, look it up everyone

  3. Hate to say it, but none of the choices are going to help. If we don't get power behind a third party, then there will only be more of the same fighting and gridlock of two parties who hate each other. Everyone knows it, but no one does anything b/c they can't. Politicians are in office b/c they have money making it impossible for people to win based on character. I honestly think our fore fathers are cringing in their graves by the way the country is now.